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Europaeum Workshop at Paris 1: 12-14/11/10 The Politics and Economics of Climate Change: Lessons for European diplomacy

10 novembre2010

A Europaeum Graduate Research Workshop bringing together young scholars from partner

universities to explore contemporary European themes together.

12th - 14th November, 2010 at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne

A tout etudiant de master ou en these,

Le consortium Europaeum tient tres prochainement un workshop à la Maison Internationale de Paris1 pour post-graduate students sur les dimensions diplomatiques, politiques et d’economie politique des negociations internationales sur le climat  (voir ci-dessous), du 12 novembre apres-midi, au 14 apres-midi.
Il nous reste quelques places pour des etudiants de Paris1, Universite membre du consortium, et nous serions ravis que certains etudiants de master ou these puissent participer.
La participation est gratuite et les repas pris en charge par le consortium. Europaeum, basée å Oxford, lie 10 universites anciennes et prestigieuses d’Europe, parmi lesquelles Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Bologne, Oxford ou encore Leiden.
Contact pour inscription:

Laurent Lambert (Ancien du Departement de Geographie de Paris1)
DPhil Cand. - St Antony’s College
Oxford University School of Geography & the Environment

The Europaeum is organising an exciting graduate workshop entitled, The Politics and Economics of Climate Change: Lessons for European Diplomacy, in conjunction with colleagues at University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, from 12th - 14th November.

We run an annual series of these international workshops, each aims to involve around 20 Europaeum post-graduate/doctoral scholars from our 10 leading partner universities, together with and one or two visiting Europaeum professors joining local faculty. The Europaeum comprises 10 of  Europe’s Leading universities, including Oxford and Paris 1 to set up high quality collaborative teaching and research, which also imparts @a sense of Europe’. and deals with contemporary issues facing Europe.

This three-day programme will investigate the European and international approaches to climate change politics, focusing on its political economy, geography and diplomacy. In the aftermath of the failure of the 2009 Copenhagen climate change conference (COP15) and weeks to the new round of international negotiations in Cancun (COP16), participants will meet to review the key issues in reaching a binding and global treaty on climate change.

Questions at the table include: What economic sacrifices can – or should - Europe make in the quest for agreement ? How can Europe manage if no agreements are reached? What are the economic and social costs of climate change in Europe? Is the UN Framework for Climate Change Conference really effective ? Can we improve our inter-state and global diplomacy ? What can Europe do to bring the US and China into the negotiations ? How can agreements be monitored and developed without sanctions ?

The event will comprise the usual series of lectures, discussions, and presentations of participants’ papers. The working language will be English. Please note that all costs are covered for Europaeum graduates, though participants must cover their own travel costs.

The event is, as usual, open to all graduates, notably from: Law, Economics, Politics, History, Geography, International Relations, and other relevant disciplines.

Speakers will include Pierre Beckouche, professor of geography, Paris 1, Lydie Goeldner-Gianella, lecturer, Paris 1, and speakers from the OECD and UN.

Please respond via e-mail with letter of application, a short CV (max. 2 pages), and a support letter from your supervising professor to the Europaeum Office as soon as possible.

The Europaeum Tel: +44 (0)1865 284 480

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